New Blog, Who's This?

I'm migrating my blog from a static site generator to Ghost to keep my publishing rate up, reduce bugs, and add some nice features. It's also a nice reboot of some of the content.

I don't think I'm interested in publishing a list of books I've read any more, unless it's accompanied by an essay I've written about it or a related topic. How to Read a Book says that just reading a book without anything to say or compose with respect to it is a dubious achievement, and I tend to agree - the books I recommend and love the most are those that I've written some thoughts on. I plan on backfilling and updating a lot of the posts I've written about books (I've started with The Ethics of Authenticity).

As for tech articles, I'm hoping to backfill / republish those over time, hopefully at a clip of one a week. 🤞

Speaking of new features, you can subscribe to things I post now. Pretty cool.